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Following four years of marriage unknowingly to a Psychopath,  I barely resembled the woman I once was. Prior to the Psychopath I was happy, outgoing, accomplished, confident, physically fit, financially secure, caring, friendly and loving.  Now some other woman had taken her place. This other woman was unhappy, unfriendly, stressed, anxious, depressed, overweight, insecure, confused, friendless, tired, emotionally frazzled, broke and she no longer trusted herself. About Psychopaths is dedicated to providing information, support and empowerment to women, who are or have been in a relationship with a Psychopathic man.

I Don’t Understand What is Happening

psychopath leavingAfter being married a little over a month he began leaving for days and months at a time. I had no idea where he went or who he was staying with.  He would also leave on Christmas and other important holiday’s but never call.  He traded his wedding ring in for a gold necklace. He did not think it odd to trade in the wedding ring, it had no sentimental value to him. Had I known anything about psychopaths at the time, this would have been all I needed to exit the relationship. So many unbelievable things happened during the course of our marriage. Each time he left I swore to myself that I would not call him, but because I was dedicated to the marriage I would always give in.  Regardless of the reason for his leaving,  he would never call me first. I guess that was part of his control – I always had to initiate contact first.  It was strange because he would immediately answer, as if waiting by the phone.  I felt humiliated that I allowed him to continually toy with me like this.

psychopath awarenessThis is What Happened

For the last four years,  I have searched the web tirelessly in an effort to find any information that could possibly explain what I was dealing with.  Nothing I came across was remotely similar to what my husband was doing.  However, the last time he left I searched pathological liar instead of Schizophrenic.  And this time I came across a blog about women in relationship with pathological liars, aka – Psychopaths.  As I began to read my heart actually skipped a beat.  The more I read,  the more relief welled up inside of me.  I had finally found someone who had experienced the exact same thing!  The overwhelming relief in the form of affirmation and confirmation was all I needed to give me hope and the courage to break the cycle.  This new found awareness was nothing short of transformative for me.  I yelled out load in my house, “I have been with a Psychopath! He’s a Psychopath!”  In one moment I went from wondering what happened, to knowing what happened.  There was an explanation and I’m not crazy.


Regaining your life is possible, once you know the Psychopath will never change.

The Psychopath is pathological and incurable. Once this truth is really accepted you can break free emotionally, spiritually and physically. You did nothing wrong. The fact that you are open, accepting, loving and compassionate are the very things he used against you. You now have an opportunity to reclaim your life.

Non-Triunal Beings-No Soul No Spirit

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Not Human Monobeings A mono-being is not human because it is created without a conscience and not in the image of God. Mono-beings do not suffer remorse, shame or guilt about anything they do. That

Do Psychopaths Know What They Are?

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Yes. Psychopaths may not know exactly what they are by definition, but they do know they are very, very different. In their estimation not only are they very different from other human beings, they are superior

Psychopath Behavior Once You Know What He Is

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Continued... Hopefully your psychopath will just leave and not put you in physical danger. Every situation is different. My ex's father who is a sociopath too has 7 court documented cases of domestic violence in